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of the markets in north and south america, europe, africa, russia, and our fastest growing markets are in india and china. and we will be part of the economy and provide great jobs and great careers, and any vehicle we sell around the world helps ford make the most affordable vehicles available anywhere around the world. we have new plants around the world and increasing the capacity and strength of our products in all of our manufacturing, and we're going to hiring 11,000 new employees around the world, and 5,000 here in the united states. >> one of the things that henry ford contributed to was the building of a middle class. >> yes. >> we are now seeing a lot of pressure on that middle class, and it is so tied to the auto industry. the auto industry was the thing that represented an avenue into the middle class. can it still play that role and what role is it playing? >> i really think it will continue, because there's no country sustainable without a long manufacturing base, and i'm so pleased to see the attention we're all putting now on not only having a good, competitive manufacturing bas
deal with russia rather than europe. how is this for delivery? a rocket carrying supplies at the international space station. a mechanical arm was used to grab the cargo carrier. mass so -- nasa is paying $3.5 billion to deliver cargo. israel laid to rest his former prime minister today. he suffered a stroke in january 2006. he had been in a coma ever since. a controversial figure, the former prime minister drew praise from israelis, respect from world leaders and scorn from arabs who regarded him -- >> he led a life of two half. the war of independence hero whose troops help the sinai of egypt. the maverick would change the course in 1973, and the nationalist champion who built dozens of settlements that were essential for security. most notoriously, there was 1982. the massacre, during the invasion of lebanon. as a defense minister, he had indirect responsibility. as opposition leader coming paid a visit to a disputed jurors along shrine. with peace talks collapsing, this sparked violent protests. they morphed into an uprising. curing for a tough response, he was electe
russia and china, iran's strongest allies, won more technical concessions at the 11th hour, that iran face no limitation to continue researching. it leaves iran free to develop centrifuges to process uranium. >> centrifuges that have no other purpose than to build a nuclear weapon and enrich uranium. >> consensus is building as a grub of bipartisan democrats and republicans line up to impose sanctions after six months if iran cheats. >> anyone who trusts iran really hasn't been paying attention for the past 30 years. they cheat, they lie, and cannot be trusted. it's sanctions, tough sanctions, that drove iran to this point. and i think that relieving sanctions is a terrible mistake. >> but iranian foreign minister warned if new sanctions are passed, quote, the entire deal is dead. he laid a wreath at the grave of the former head of hezbollah, the man responsible for killing 241 marines in 1983 and suspected of killing former lebanese prime minister, hariri. they warned to hold off on new sanctions. >> it could undermine the consensus that we built. >> carney said the sanctions were on
in an effort to try to end this violence. >> the u.n. and russia have both called for an iranian role in the talks, the obama administration continues to claim tehran won't be taking part. john kerry said iran could potentially contribute from the sidelines. the uncertainty surrounding the geneva talks comes amidst continued violence between rebels in northern syria. activists say the al qaeda- linked, state of iraq and the to 100 has executed up fighters from another al qaeda group. the syrian observatory for human rights said the rebel infighting is left over 700 people dead in just over a week. the syrian government meanwhile has begun a new offensive to retake the key strategic city of aleppo. on sunday, the head of the international committee of the red cross met with syrian officials to discuss the delivery of aid to civilians trapped by the fighting. >> we are worried because of the and of access to people particularly hot areas in syria, and we are worried because of the impact of the conflict of the saline population, we are worried about the war wounded in this country but w
to these guys. >> frustrating. >> this other one happened in moscow, russia. this elderly gentleman bought a cell phone and it didn't work. so he took it back to the store, started demanding getting a any one. he wasn't happy with the way things were turning out. instead of kindly asking for help, he decided to just give the clerk a beatdown. he took out pepper spray, sprayed the guy, and knocked him to the ground and started beating on him. >> oh! >> smashes him on the head, and i think he is still holding the can of pepper spray. the clerk was unharmed. >> i think the clerk thought, this is an old man, i can't hit him, i'll let him think he's getting the best of me. this guy looks like he can push back. >> the rally is one of the most grueling races in the world. it's going on right now, pretty much runs the entire month of january. starts in argentina, runs through bow liv bolivia, chile. gets sideways in the valley. you see traffic approaching. >> oh, no. >> get out of the way! >> there are spectators trying to help the guys get the car unstuck. when approaching traffic comes around th
in syria. the u.n. and arab league envoy, the u.s. and russia met in paris this monday ahead of the planned peace talks in nine days' time. iran's art is a patient is a sticking point. the country has long supported syrian president bashar al-assad -- iran's participation is a sticking point. the country has long supported syrian president bashar al- assad. >> iran is a very important country in the region. it has to be present at a conference like this. >> but for u.s. secretary of state john kerry, he says iran is only welcome if it agrees to the geneva i communiquÉ that stipulates the need for a transitional government that suits both sides. for the u.s., that means without bashar al-assad. for russia, that shouldn't be a precondition. >> but iran has yet to state whether or not it supports implementing the geneva i communiquÉ, which calls for nothing more than the mutual consent of the parties through a transitional governing process to make peace. iran, we would welcome iran's participation if iran is coming to participate for the purposes of the conference. >> he also called it wron
that iran and russia have worked out a new deal that will import a lot of iranian oil to russia. >> this is a significant problem. reports come out that iran and russia are in an oil for goods swap. that's a lot of money considering we're only talking half a billion dollars a month during this interim nuclear deal. if the reports are true, they say such a deal would raise serious questions as it would be inconsistent with the terms of the p plus 5 agreement. that's from kagan hayden at the national security council. it was very measured reversible sanctions relief as iran meets each of these gateways in terms of reducing its nuclear program. this would dwarf the agreement with the u.s. >> russia is a signatory is one of the permanent members of the security council to this deal. >> exactly. we're told that secretary kerry did raise this with russian foreign minister lavrov today. >> while they were in jerusalem for the funeral. biden was there not not kerry. biden represented the united states. >>> cnn is on the ground in iraq right now with renewed fears of an all-out civil war
. >> the u.s. and russia are calling for a cease-fire in parts of syria. >> a wider cease-fire is seen as unrealistic as the complex become more complex than ever, with infighting on the rebels side of big start of the story -- part of the story. >> for civilians, any progress cannot come soon enough. >> at this refugee camp on the turkish border, there are tents as far as the eye can see. 30,000 syrians have made the journey here. many lack the will to continue. >> we are praying that we die so that we can move away from the hunger and poverty. we do not even have any clothes. my children spent one week without water or food and no one pays attention. >> russia and the u.s. made a joint call for cease-fires in some areas of syria head of the geneva peace talks later this month. >> today we talked about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease-fire. maybe a localized cease-fire. we have both agreed to try to work to see if that can be achieved. >> john kerry and his russian counterpart discussed the possible -- possible prisoner exchange and opening of humanitarian corridors. >>
. president obama has appointed more zams than the romanofs did. in both russia and the united states, czars don't report to elected representatives. not passing appropriations bills. hopefully that's going to chan change. but the senate's repeated failure to pass appropriations bills canceled -- cancels the senate's check on the executive's power to spend. illegal recess appointments. that's being debated today in the supreme court. the majority acquiesced when president obama used his recess appointment to appoint members to the national labor relations board when the senate was not in recess. fortunately, three federal appellate courts disagreed and the supreme court will decide. hopefully the supreme court agrees with the appellate courts. otherwise, the senate might go out for lunch and return and find that we have a new supreme court justice. now, there is blame to go around and i'm sure any of my friends on the other side who are listening would be quick to point that out. baker and mcneil in their book pointed that out. there have been abuses of the filibuster. it's true that some re
. >>> a california teen has punched her ticket to the olympics in sochi, russia. one of three u.s. women to make the cut. she finished second at saturday night's u.s. figure skating championships in boston, and was officially named to the olympic team yesterday. >>> a southwest airlines plane nearly runs off a cliff after landing at the wrong airport. >> some new developments in a chemical leak that left hundreds of thousands of people in west virginia without any drinkable water. the very latest coming up next. >> kpix weather center, temperatures could soar near record levels, the fire danger also running high. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, an intense wildfire destroy >>> hundreds of firefighters in australia are battling these flames this morning. an intense wildfire destroyed almost 50 homes over the weekend in perth. a city on the west coast. a 62-year-old man died on the roof of his home. he was believed to be hosing water on his roof to protect it from the flames. the fire has burned 865 acres. it's been fueled by 100-degree temperatures and strong winds. >>> world lea
in sochi, russia. over the weekend, 15-year-old polima edmunds won the silver medal at the national skating figure championship which helped her earn a spot on the olympic team. she has trained at the sharks ice since she was 4. her mother is one of her coach, from russia. >>> today at 5:00, high winds and high temperatures, it's an unusual and unsentlele -- unsettling combination for this time of year. it's causing big concerns for firefighters around the bay area. we'll have live team coverage as a red flag warning takes effect tonight. you can see the san francisco flag there blowing in the wind. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so gi
, russia, india, and china. those will continue to underperform, except for india and china. because of the structural reforms taking place, we should belittle more excited about the long-term growth prospects of those countries. structural reforms in mexico are phenomenal, but some of those the probably in your to benefit of businesses that can take advantage as they penetrate the oil market or the banking system there. you believe a lot of the negative sentiment today is already priced in? >> i think if you feel as though you're not exposed enough to the market, try to work with a strategic asset allocation and make it appropriate for what your risk tolerance is. i favor growth overvalued in this market. income.ite off fixed too many are concerned that interest rates are going to pop like we saw in may through september. the fed is going to move easy as she goes. we can still post competitive returns. >> thank you very much, brian jacobson with wells fargo funds. ♪ >> this is taking stock for monday, january 13, 2014 peered i am julie hyman. we focus on dealmaking. billions of do
with the arab league envoy and russia's prime minister. some of the possibilities are pushing for prisoner exchanges in the country and ultimately a cease fire. around the embattled syrian city of aleppo. that is focus of the strongest fighting. >> we talked about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease fire, maybe a localized cease fire beginning with aleppo. and both of us have agreed to try to work to see if that could be achieved. the opposition has already agreed that if the assad regime was agreeable to do that. >> focused talks on syria is expected to be held in switzerland later this month. >> the government rebel forces say a cease fire would be signed if they were freed. a u.s. special envoy and other mediators continue to try to broker a deal in neighboring ethiopia. >>> senator john mccain showed his support of the journalists in egypt. producers mohamed fahmy, baher mohamed, and peter greste, al jazeera says the allegations are fabricated and is demanding their release. the other two journalists are from our are th sister channel. they have been detained for five months
's the joint message from russia the us and eu after talks in paris for the main challenge is convincing the syrian opposition to take part as a group still has been given a definitive answer. you are does not have been following the discussions in france well one of the first things that were thrown from the us secretary of state does that russia. the us and un are completely on the same page that's the only solution the prophet in syria is a diplomatic one. mr kerry also said that officer in the forties and the opposition are equally responsible for the atrocities committed that i will also seen a slight shift on iran since though a lot about breaking the un special envoy on syria and sergei lavrov. people were saying that the water see that the iran taking part in the geneva to conferences is a key player in the region this was something that the us was previously a guess but now according to the us secretary of state washington wouldn't mind seeing sarah and there. at geneva to this it's the us supports the agreements reached earlier outside the geneva one. now mr lavrov also said th
, iran should attend but now at a meeting in paris, u.s. and russia have come up with some goodwill gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to create humanitarian corridors and ease the flow of aid to areas most affected by fighting. they also want a cease fire around aleppo, the heaviest city focus of fighting lately. pushing for prisoner exchanges between the government and opposition groups. let's hear more on that question of iran's attendance to geneva, continues to cause friction between u.s. and russia. here is what their envoys had to say. >> we would welcome their participation if iran is coming for the purposes of participating in the conference. that is not a matter of ideology. but practicality. if they are going to participate for the purpose of the goals of the conference they are welcome. >> the principle that everyone is invited should fully fourth the communique, not all would agree to that. there are certain members who have been invited to the conference who do not want the dorches succeed. >> jackie roland has the latest from paris. >> trying to lo
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do you think will have the capabilities shortly? iran? russia? >> germany has been claiming since 2011, now the new defense minister says i don't know. you look at a lot of the deadlines when people say they're going the to have drones, they don't meet them. and there are a lot of people who make claims about having drones like the iranians, i don't believe half of what they say. >> do you think the pakistanis have a drone? >> not armed capabilities, no. but you will see this capability used in regional disputes, because the one thing we learned from the u.s. uses of drones in other states is they lower the threshold for when civilians will decide to authorize military force. people do things with drones like iran does in the persian gulf where they both try to, there's electronic warfare against u.s. predators in the persian gulf all the time. there have been a series of iranian attempted shootdowns of predator drones. they don't do this against manned aircraft. drones are seen as an acceptable way to poke at the united states. so drones have the capabilities to destabilize in wa
america. i'm stephanie sy here are today's headlines. secretary of state john kerry and russia's foreign minister meet in paris. the two diplomats discuss two good will gestures. they're proposing prisoner exchanges sending aid and ultimately a cease-fire to end the fighting in syria. >>> and taps are opening again in some parts of west virginia. the state is allowing residents to flush tainted water in their plumbing. the ban was in place since thursday after spills from a chemical storage tank. >>> dignitaries around the world are in israel paying their respect for former prime minister ariel sharon. the political leader decide said after spending eight years in a coma. nick, i want to get to the memorial service, of course, but first there have been rocket attacks out of gaza today. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: yes, stephanie we're here at sharon's ranch eight miles from the board of gaza, and this afternoon the funeral procession left at 4:00. 20 or 30 minutes after that two rockets came over the border from gaza and landed five or six miles here according to the israeli m
, france, germany, russia and the european union. is it possible that the united states could move forward with this deal or the allies could move forward with this deal, without the u.s. on board? >> reporter: really, not really. the u.s. is the big bear in the room. the negotiations, though we have these partners and they're essential to this because you need this global coalition adhering to these sanctions because that's what's really squeezing iran, because the u.s. doesn't have trade with iran. it's those sanctions with the other countries that's really hurting iran. and, you know, so that's a problem. we really -- these countries really do have to stay together here. the u.s., the primary partner. and the administration has made the point repeatedly that it's not just iran that we will upset with new sanctions by disrupting the diplomatic path. it's our partners in europe who are on our side and it's the administration's argument that by splitting that coalition, you'll have people freelancing in effect. other governments making trade deals with iran that will undermine the sanction
who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as a popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as a model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow studying metal engineering. stir until smooth. status the students i salute you can see it. i know. main character in the series is the river hull it shakes alinsky the climate in the lives of people who live on it stinks both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen. power to set its history can never be fully understood. mueller says people alsore. and it also hesheir seatssecret covered by people like franco son gary who have eyes to see ay ay ay ay ay. you need one more one will. the us the owner. welcome to nhk world news line protesters in thailand are trying to shut down the capital in their latest move to ban the government to their well theitalent for political reforms and for the immediate resignation of prime minister yeo optionally. demonstrators t
. >>> secretary of state john kerry and the foreign minister of russia meet in syria. they're proposing prisoner exchanges, aid and cease-fire in syria. >>> the water may soon be back on in west virginia. contaminations levels are falling after a chemical spill thursday. officials say they're preparing to lift a ban after using tap water for drinking and washing. >>> new businesses allow to you buy thousands of twitter followers or facebook friends for just a few dollars. it sounds odd but when it comes to social media marketing, it makes sense. stacey tisdale has more. >> reporter: in 2011 launching "my tab," a travel gifting website that invites friends and family to make contributions to a wannabe dream vacation. but it was a challenge to say the least. >> now you have to bootstrap, you ration ramen inside. this is how you live. >> reporter: with little money for marketing and few resources to attract customers she turned to a company and for $10 she bought 400 social media followers on facebook and twitter. one of dozens of websites that sell bot, computer generated fake users. a thousand tw
, and russia push for a peace summit. but will iran thereby? >> we would welcome iran's participation if iran is coming to participant for the purpose of the conference. >> the final farewell, ariel sharon is laid to rest in the negev desert. >> i'm lauren taylor with the news from europe including europe's prime minister new support for fracking. and marking the second anniversary of the cost can concordia crash with the ship still waiting to be removed. >> it is just nine days for a summit to try to end the fighting in syria, but many observers are not expecting to achieve much. inside syria al-qaeda linked fighters are making gan gains. now the meeting in russia have come up with some good-will gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to ease the flow of aid most affected by firing. they also want a cease-fire around aleppo around the city and focus on the most heaviest fighter. and there is been an agreement to push for prisoner exchanges between the government and opposition groups. let's go live to paris where that meeting is being held. what do you make of the tone then o
funneled into organized crime networks in russia or china, perhaps the u.s. credit card information is usually sold in bulk. statements. they can go for anywhere from two dollars and $100 per account. ronin stasio, ceo of analytics. >> pay cash? >> out of the bag you keep under your bed. >> matt miller, bitcoin. sachse come back, goldman ' difference. the only major investment bank that does not declare a public profit target. investors say it is time for a change. we will have that next on "market makers." ♪ >> it is good enough for lloyd blankfein, why is naked enough for investors? to hit ahas profitability target of 10% return on equity for the ceo to michael moore is here. gotten thehas benefit of the doubt for a number of years. every other bank lays out a number profitability target, not just for the firm but for individual businesses. goldman does not really have target of any kind. >> do they slip through the cracks because it was a partnership for so long? >> they had one before the crisis. they said it went, is too soon to know whether we said -- we should change it. >>
in the territory of russia fillers in kazakhstan after two thousand twenty oh two week rest of the deputy minister of economic development reporting the briefing. exports of fish and seafood in russia in january through november of last year grew by fourteen point five percent compared with the same period of two thousand twelve which is up to one point seven four million tonnes. i hate crime reports. salmon exports increased by thirty five point five percent the decrease in customs duty on posting this from five to three point seven five percent and the growth of low prices for major export of this species facilitated an increase in exports. eye historians earlier diaz will dissipate in the main stage of the australian open championship. joe participating in the grand slam for the first time in her career. the displays of constant mental hospital to determine the strongest player of the winter season he continued until you became a champion among women don't have the bowling pin them each a focal for the best pair didn't see it soon became the best single player he won the winter championship for
know, we are going to be in russia against a couple of strong russian skaters. but she's got everything. she's got everything you want in a ladies champion. the triple triple combination, great presence on thes ice, the new coaching relationship she has with frank carroll has given her another level of maturity. so she's doing everything right to put herself in a position to medal at sochi. >> polina edmonds is 15, she becomes the youngest winter olympian since tera lipinski in 1998. does she have the experience to win in sochi? >> no, that's good. she's oblivious to the stage she's on. all she knows is she's doing everything she does every single day. she's going out and doing amazing technical difficulty. she's got beautiful presence on the ice, she's got, you know, a great maturity. she reminds me so much of oksana baeul. why would there by any other discussion? >> perfect. >> it is, it's awesome. >> let's go to ice dancing. not a surprise that they won their sixth consecutive u.s. championship. how are they looking for sochi? >> phenomenal. phenomenal. i've never seen anything like
. it was a light moment about how to resolve the conflict in sayia. an issue the u.s. and russia won't always agree on. >>> robert gates says he stands by everything he wrote in his new book due to be released tomorrow. in the memoir, gates writes about serving in the administrations of president bush and prime minister. gates says he doesn't think president obama did enough to convince the servicemen and women in afghanistan that he believed in their mission. >> president obama did that with the troops -- president bush did that with the troops when i was secretary. i did not see president obama do that. as i write in the book, it was this absence of passion, this absence of a conviction of the importance of success. that disturbed me. >> some are criticizing gates for releasing the book while there are still american troops in afghanistan and while president obama is still in office. >>> the supreme court is hearing arguments today on the meaning of a constitutional provision known as the recess appointments clause. under the provision, the president may make temperature appointments to positions
that roberts was sent to me today i think it's fair to say that russia and united states are in full agreement on the number of points. we are in full agreement that the violence the death in the needless suffering and syria must come to an end. we are in full agreement that the humanitarian crisis. he's not only affecting millions of syrian people. but also those in neighboring countries like turkey lebanon and jordan. and this dislocation. this disruption is absolutely unacceptable we're in full agreement that the resolution of this conflict. must be peaceful that there isn't a military solution. and we're in full agreement that we need to make it our best efforts from the moment that we announce this. last spring in moscow. for now we must continue our best efforts. in order to try to bring the parties to geneva and forge forward. for all of the reasons i decided we are in full agreement. that we have to do all we can in order to. begin the process of duty. a process that we all understand will be difficult and will take some time. so we must begin we must begin now. in the days leading up
of gates, and even former defense secretary lyon panetta because they criticized syria and russia last year. you said their behavior was unprofessional and unseemly. you really think he should not be writing about his experiences while the president is in obvious?--in office? >> well, certainly he should not be saying some of the things. for example, joe biden has been wrong about all foreign policies the last 40 years. that's not true. he was right about the balkans and the first gulf war and what would happen in iraq. it would fall apart. saying these things, and secretary clinton said she really didn't mean it. that's not the type of stuff, that's beneath him, beneath the office, and most of his predecessors. melvin laird, he waited for 30 years after he left to write an about, you know, what went on. so iris van who resigned when president carter was going to try to rescue the hostages in iran never went out and criticized him. more than that, if he didn't like it, why did he stay? why didn't he speak up? what about his obligation to the men and women that he talks to movingly in the bo
the state department this morning to americans traveling to the winter games in sochi, russia next month. be alert for acts of terrorism and kidnapping. senior international correspondent nic robertson is live in moscow. >> reporter: the state department is pointing out that anyone who might want to go to the winter olympics, as the regions north of there just in the past three months three serious terror attacks, more than 30 people have been killed over the past decade or so there's been multiple terror attacks in the region. and this comes just as the russian officials here, security officials announcing a number of arrests over the weekend. they arrested one group of six people, about 150 miles or so from sochi saying that this group, about two weeks ago had detonate ad car bomb just north of sochi, about 150 miles north there was and they say the same group of people who have actually admitted that they were planning and preparing another major attack and security officials announcing they arrested five other people whom they say had a home made bomb with about five pounds of explos
gates says the tough talk in his book has been hijacked by politics. >>> plus, as russia's president putin gets ready to host the world, u.s. officials caution americans headed to the olympics. we'll go live to chechnya with richard engel on the security situation in that region of russia. good morning from washington. it's monday, january 13th, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." so many stories on this busy monday. we'll have the latest on the iran nuclear deal, the recovery effort on the chemical spill in west virginia, a preview of florida '13, even a little "american hustle." let's get to the first reads. for new jersey governor chris christie, last week's obsessive scrutiny of the bridge scandal wasn't the beginning of the end. it looks like the end of the beginning. he will deliver his state of the state address, and another mea culpa will be unavoidable given who his audience is. his star power will be tested when he headlines three fund-raisers for florida governor rick scott in ft. lauderdale, west palm beach, and orlando. it's his first big campaign swing since taking the r
to the conference, perhaps the biggest question being iran and whether it will actually come. >> russia wants iran to be there. it is a crucial, key element. if you have the saudis around the table -- and we say this has become a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran, if you're going to have saudi arabia there, you way,iran there in some shape, or form. john kerry trying to pointedly answer those questions. we have no problem with iran going. but they have to be ready to implement the agreement made in the so-called geneva i back in july, 2012. it was the famous round of talks which was the latest parameters for a transitional government. the u.s. says that would be a government without the charlotte sought -- without bashar al- assad. that is something the russians and iranians are not on board with now. >> thanks so much for that. just aeva talks are now few days away. staying with iran, a date has been set for the start of the landmark deal on its disputed land -- disputed nuclear deal, that is january 20, one week from today. they should begin diluting their stockpile of enriched uranium. in
trained at sharks ice in san jose since she was four years old. her mother from russia is one of her coaches. >> quite a delightful surprise. >>> 5:41 is the time. recovering after a major cyber attack at target. the new promise from the company's ceo and the new details we're learning about how information was stolen. >>> plus he's standing by what he wrote. robert gates responding to the critics of his new book. >>> 680 at the sunol grade. traffic is looking good at this hour. here's a live look. we'll have much more traffic straight ahead. >>> we had our weak little system on saturday. emphasis on very weak. and now its long gone. there is no sign of any rain here for awhile. there is a sign of record high temps. >>> welcome back to the morning news. city leaders in petaluma will meet to discuss water conservation. they will explain the current status of water supplies expected to recommend voluntary savings plan. cutting back on outdoor water use. using a low flow device on shower heads and toilets. and running dishwashers and washing machines at full capacity. the city council i
. >> thank you, liz. >>> a young figure skater now on her way to the winter games in sochi, russia, she was a sophomore near and one of three women to make the cuts. she finished second yesterday in boston and was officially named to the team, so good for her. >> good for her. >> hey, no pants. not a problem for bart yesterday. >> some did ride the ride with no pants. there you go. they claim many people take part and san francisco was one of those cities. >> why not. >> i guess. >> okay, 4:56 on your monday morning, coming up frustrated and fearful, how neighbors in one san francisco community are working together to catch a firebug. >> we are live at 49ers headquarters where fans will be here to greet the team as they prepare for the nfc championship. >> we are proud of you. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪[ music ] >> we are san francisco's biggest fans. >> i am going all the way, all the way, 100%. >> the best two teams in the nfc will in fact meet for the right to go to the super bowl, things got emotional between them early, a couple of penalties led to field goals and then colorado in kaepernick
, for example, in 1970 americans had indeed been to china. in late 1980 reagan had a deal with russia. i think rush is more than just -- [inaudible] in terms of american national interest. so what's your recommendation? >> very good points, both of them. let me address the question about the iran diplomacy. i'm not getting out there and sang diplomacy with iran doesn't work. after all, we had the algiers accord which led to the release of hostages in 1981. we have dealt every single president has dealt with the iranians. people forget that the iran-contra affair which is remember for quite a different thing inside washington has had its desire on the part of the reagan administration to reach out and have leverage inside the islamic republic after ayatollah khamenei died. now, when we look at president obama's first inaugural address, you know, in the middle east -- let me backtrack. recent history is 1000 years ago, but sometimes moving 100 miles away is like moving to the end of the earth. in the united states it's different to you go back four years and it's ancient history that people don'
to the winter olympics in sochi, russia need to stay alert to terror acts and kidnappings, this as several terrorists were arrested over the weekend carrying tnt. nic robertson is in moscow. nic? >> reporter: yeah, chris, the state department is saying there isn't a specific terror threat at the moment but they are warning any americans traveling to sochi for the limb pibs of the threats that are in the region, of the past terror attacks that have taken place not so far from sochi. also at this time, the fbi teaming up with russian security to monitor the whole region there. just three weeks before the olympic games kick off in sochi, security remains a paramount concern after a string of attacks and terror arrests. the u.s. state department issuing a travel alert over the weekend warning u.s. citizens planning to attend the games that they should remain attentive at all times, warning of possible acts of terrorism, including bombings and hostage takings. on saturday five suspects possessing nearly five pounds of tnt in a home made explosive device were detained and arraigned in southern r
in the direction of negotiation. he did that and the coalition is powerful. he has kept russia and china as part of it with a lot of hard work. basically, i think the president needs to own this and continue to drive it and continue to make good decisions. i thought he was pretty honest the other week when he said to a gathering sort of like this that he thought there was a 50-50 chance of a deal. he was not blowing smoke,. if he sticks to that, and continues to empower secretary kerry and all of the other key people, even if you don't get the deal after a year, i think the process itself will be a good one for a iran and will give the iranian people a taste of what they will get if they go around the corner. if they can make the turn that i described. >> you were hard on the administration in your column this morning, you were positive on their intent. robin, you've taken us through family planning and the nuclear deal. we really appreciate the work that was done with the wilson center. we look forward to tomorrow as well. i think that your parents will be very proud. very proud. thank you very
. last month, 34 people were killed during suicide bombings in southern russia. the state department has issued a travel warning to all americans planning on attending the winter games coming up next month. >>> a series of water tests showed relief may be in sight for 300,000 people in west virginia. in words of the governor, there is light at the end of the tunnel. following a chemical spill that contaminated their water supply, nine counties remain under a state of emergency and are banned from using tap water. about 7500 gallons of chemical leaked in. up to 1,000 people have reported symptoms of that exposure. >> it is an industrial chemical. not a lot of human testing is gone. it is very important to not play down the concerns of this, both short-term and long-term but not play up the concerns to make people panic. >> today, a federal agency will begin to investigate the spill and why it took the company responsible for that leak hours to actually report it. >>> for yankees third baseman, alex rodriguez, the 2014 season will be one to remember and for all the wrong reasons. on saturd
jazeera, the u.s. and russia needs to decide whether i ran will attend talks on how to end the syria conflict and live in paris and tehran and live in bank cock where the prime minister invited protesters who wander out to talk. and could a 15-minute home test reveal early on set alzheimer's, we take a look. ♪ the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been meeting his russian counterparts in paris and the friends of the group are there to discuss the talks in swirdz land and fighting continues and around 700 people have been killed in nine days of fighting in the city of aleppo and kerry's meet willing be iran's participation in the up coming international peace conference forcier yeah in geneva due to start in ten day's time and we are in tehran to tell us more but we will go to jackie and we expect a press conference with john kerry and how far apart are they in the participation in the peace talks? >> well, there are a couple of points on which there are diverge and view of the russians and u.s. and the russians being close to the syrian regime and the western partners being c
of attacks this morning as americans heading to russia are warned by the state department to be careful. we are live. >>> communities cleaning up this morning after rising temperatures trigger massive floods. we're going to show you some amazing pictures, but are these warmer temperatures here to stay? indra petersons is here tracking your forecast. come back. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. knock it out! fast. [ female announcer ] only with abreva. getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to
, i'm live in doha and the top stories on al jazeera, the u.s. and russia needs to decide whether i ran will attend talks on how to end the syria conflict and live in paris and tehran and live in bank cock where the prime minister invited protesters who wander out to talk. and could a
friendships with russia and china. we need to have friendships with the west. they powerfully believe that and they are embarrassed to feel so isolated. he is seen, compared to ahmadinejad by half a dozen people that i've talked to, seen as a better manager. he is seen as a better manager. chaoticjad is seen as always popping off. ,embarrassing iran. rouhani is more efficient and his economic management has helped obviously in the markets are doing better. inflation is down, i believe that nonoil experts are up. other indices of good economic management show that he is doing better. that makes him popular. my feeling is that, even if, robin is right -- a year is the right time horizon to how long there is to work on this. even if at the end of that year there is not a comprehensive deal, i don't think the backlash against rouhani would necessarily overwhelm him. it might overwhelm zarif as foreign minister, but they are not completely interchangeable. just mention one more interesting thing about rouhani. when i interviewed him when he came for the general assembly, i had the only on
are controlled by national oil companies. rosneft in russia being the biggest. they'd need expertise. they don't necessarily have the kind of expertise at a bp or chevron would have in-house. that creates demand. shale gas, shale oil requires a lot of site-specific installation. however, foster wheeler is a bit more focused on the downstream end of the market, less the upstream, more the refining, the pipeline. that tends to be somewhat less lucrative. that has a few analysts asking some questions about this deal. also looking at another offer last year. does it mean that it is completely stepping away? amec wasms like looking to get bigger. can't was worth about 800 million pounds. this is a somewhat larger accusation. it does really make that question. are they finished with canned? probably. kent has gotten bigger on its own by making its own deals. it seems like a subject that is going to be off the agenda. >> matt, thank you so much. >> ok, let's move on. bmw has held onto the luxury car top spot for the ninth year in a audiven as german rivals and mercedes-benz step up their attempt to o
. russia is one of the 5 p5 plus 1 powers. it would be hard for them to undermine it. this may be a misunderstanding about a deal that could be the return of the caspian oil swap or something implemented one the comprehensive deal is reached, but i don't think we're about to see a big increase in iranian exports by russia. >> interesting. i'll make sure steve listens to you and watches this tape back. steve was talking to us about 4 million barrels coming back online according to the iranians themselves. >>> we just had an italian auction out this morning, so i want to show you through details of that. italy has sold 4 billion years' worth of new december 2016 btps with a yield of 1.51%. they have sold 2.5 billion at a yield of 3.17%. and they have also managed to sell a 1 president 69 billion euros worth of september 2028 with a yield of 4.26. and that's about 30 basis points lower than when they were raising cash on november the 13th. so these yields continue to pull back. actually, the three-year bond auction, it's a new era, euro era lifetime load. let's take a quick look a
of the global process on fracking and the ability of the u.s. and russia to surprisingly work together. so my question is, given what you said about crises and in particular spots coming forward, what do you see about the resilience and the institutions that if an international order to function well in response to them the next year? is nader getting stronger or weaker? is the u.s. pivoted asia really going to add security to that region? is viewin the u.n. going to be o intervene effectively in africa as problems pop up or some other agency going to step in? in other words, what do you see as the most effective global institution going forward? and are any of these threats potential risks to weaken or undermined the kind of responsibility, the response ability of these institutions be? that's a great question. i do believe, i do believe that we still have a very, very big institutional challenge. and as everybody knows, we have talked about g-0 world. and again, it's not to say that there is no multilateralism and there are no institutions, that i think that this crisis that you begin to se
as russia is concerned, why kill kennedy? he took him to the cleaners in the cuban missile crisis. he says in the memoirs learning kennedy was killed, he we want. there's not any evidence that the soviets or cubans were involved in the murder of john f. kennedy. only two weeks ago, our esteemed secretary of state, john kerry, says in an interview with cnn, i never thought oswald acted alone, right about that part. i think the russians and the cubans did it. completely wrong. another question. >> you mentioned briefly the possible setups in chicago and tampa. was there a hit team in tampa and kennedy's campaign appearance was canceled because of that, or is that wrong? >> i think they canceled the motorcade putting him at risk, but in both cases, secret service learned of attempts and changes made to the president's schedule to avoid exposure, but there is no way to avoid the fact that in dallas, secret service acts in a very strange way. i personally have been involved in 13 trips on behalf of presidents of the united states, and i i understand that there is a process involved in mapping o
that agreement with russia, we would not have gotten it but with the hard work of vice president biden. so he's been a trusted adviser and person i think is very solid on the issues. >> in the couple minutes we have left i would like to turn to benghazi. of course, the state department designated ansar al shahry and some people have been listed as terrorist organizations and the mastermind behind the attack in the consulate there in benghazi. senator inhoff, you took particular issue with "the new york times" article which said that there was no al qaeda connection between the attack on the consulate and al qaeda. what do you say about that? >> well, it was clearly the attack particularly in the annex was clearly an organized terrorist attack. there's no question about that. in fact, obama's own cia director john brennan used the word "unequivocal." it's unequivocal it was a terrorist attack. the same thing with the national intelligence director james clapper. these are both appointees and answer to the president. they said it was a terrorist attack and so did secretary of defense leon panet
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